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Common Shredding Outsourcing Myths

Myth #1

Outsourcing is more expensive than shredding ourselves.


The only way that having your own shredder is less expensive is if your employees donít use it. When your company destroys everything that it should, it is far less expensive to outsource than to destroy it your self.

Myth #2

We do not have enough material to warrant a shredding service.


An office with just a few employees can generate over 100 pounds of paper every month. That means many hours spent feeding a few sheets at a time into a small office shredder. It is far more secure, economical and convenient to collect these materials in a security container than for you to try to keep up with it.

Myth #3

We can stay in compliance by shredding our own material.


In the event of a privacy violation, compliant or audit, it is very likely that your firm will be asked to verify its compliance to information protection regulations. Shredding your own information provides you with NO verifiable records of ongoing regulatory compliance.

Myth #4

We can trust our employees.


When your employees do the shredding, you have two options: 1) You either have entry-level employees shred, in which case you may expose sensitive personnel records and competitive information to individuals not meant to see it, or 2) management-level employees, who are especially busy and paid top dollar to do more important work, do the shredding. Neither situation should be acceptable.

Myth #5

We have our own shredders in the office so we can handle the shredding.


Even if an office shredder could keep up with large volumes of daily shredding, which it canít, what happens when you have to destroy more records than normal? Maybe you are cleaning old records out of storage or someone just cleans out their office. Even the slightest surge in the amount of material to be destroyed creates a nightmare for employees and youíre bottom-line.


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