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Offsite Document Storage and Management

Regain office space and stop going to a dusty, insect infested self storage unit to find old files. Albert Records Management can store a few or thousands of files in our clean, secure offsite document storage facility. We currently have over 1,000,000 files in our management system. If you own or operate a business then we can help you save money.

At any given time, between 3-5% of an organizations files are lost or misplaced. The average cost of recreating a document is $180.

Scanning Boxes

When a file box comes to our facility it is entered into our state of the art tracking system containing a bar coded box number. From that point on we know the access dates of that box, who the last person to ask for it and can even track the desired destruction date for no extra charge. Once we take control of a box we treat it as if it were a vital record of our own organization.

If a box or file is needed simply call, fax, or e-mail us and our staff will be able to get what you need. We can deliver electronically within minutes, or place the actual file in your hand within two hours. Many medical offices utilize our regularly scheduled service on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Blue Storage Racks

Our storage as well as our shredding facility is monitored by security cameras, 24/7 security and fire alarm systems, and fire suppression.

All of our employees are screened prior to employment; licensed and bonded, and have tenure with our company so you get to know who you are dealing with. We become an extension of your office staff with no direct labor fees added to you.


Save time and money with The Paper Pig. Outsource your shredding to us for secure destruction services.

Shredded Bale

Mobile Shredding

Document Storage

Your business partner for Clean, Safe and Secure records storage and shredding.

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Document Storage


File boxes that are guaranteed to last…or replaced for free. Call Albert Records Management for details.

Packing Boxes

Packing Supplies

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